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Yi Liu

Senior Experience Designer, SapientRazorfish, Sapient.Publicis, Boston MA

Yi was born and raised in China. He came to the US to achieve his master's degree in Industrial Design. Yi walked into the field of UX from his industrial design background since 2013. With both bachelor's and master's degrees in Industrial Design, Yi had 7 years of academic experience that stitched various design skills on his brain. The basic knowledge, methods, and principles of design he learned from industrial design helped him quickly shifted to UX design without frustration.

On his daily life...

Yi prefers making wiferames with Sketch, and creating prototypes with various tools including InVision, Axure and Flinto. When he had time, he liked to play video games, read books, watch anime or think about cars.

Video Game
FPS, Strategy, Simulation, RPG, Space, Action, Racing
Sci-fi, Fantasy, Chinese Horror, Chinese Supernatural Fiction
Anime & Manga
Ghost in the shell, Evangelion, GTO, City Hunter
RX-7, WRX, AE86
RC Toy
My drifting RC RX-7 FC3S

Contact me: liuyivera@gmail.com | Linked

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