About Yi

Yi is an User Experience Designer, Interaction Designer and Industrial Designer.

He was a graduate student majored in Industrial Design at Savannah College of Art and Design(SCAD).

He earned a bachelor of engineering degree in Industrial Design at Hefei University of Technology in China. He has graduated with his master’s degree in Industrial Design from SCAD in March 2014.

He found his passion on user experience(UX) design since he started appreciating well-designed user experience on different websites and apps.

Yi has the skills and experience for concepts development, wireframing, prototyping, and other knowledge related to UX. In the mean time, he also has practical skills and knowledge of industrial design.

He likes to work collaboratively in creative and energetic teams. He is also a self-driven doer who always wants to challenge himself.

Making great experiences for other people always motivates him to be not only a good designer, but also a nice friend.

His goal is to be an user experience designer who has the knowledge on both industrial design and interaction design.


• 3-year professional experience of Industrial Design
• One year advanced experience of UX and IxD
• Practical skills of Industrial Design
• Solid knowledge of User Experience and Interaction Design
• Great understanding of user-centered design
• Attach great importance to ethnographic research and usability testing