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The Ask

VCE wanted to redesign and extend their existing site built by SapientNitro to make it responsive across various devices for a more seamless user experience. This is a key strategic project for VCE in line with their new omni-channel marketing strategy.


The site is currently replaced with new site branded as Dell EMC.
(Learn more about The Rise & Fall of the VCE Brand Name.)

My Role

I was working on this project as Experience Designer with the help of an Senior Experience Designer providing overseeing support. I was fully responsible for the creation of wireframes.

Visual comp of About page designed by Sapient.
VCE About Page - Part 1/4

The Process

The local scrum team includes myself, an senior UX designer and a project manager, with occasional tech support from a back end developer.

This is a redesign project based on existing pages. Content-wise, it was well prepared. My job was to re-arrange, or in most cases, create new components to display existing content in a better way by following new design language and grid system.

Main steps are listed below.

Taking over WIP files: As one of the most common things happening in agency world, I took over this project from another UX designer who was leaving the company at that point.

Get familiar with crucial working files: The next step, which is super critical, was to take a look at the most important files after I got all the documents I needed, and to look for anything that were still unclear and unknown before the the person who knew the answers became unavailable.

Start creating design: When things are all set up, it’s time to start designing and wire framing. However, it was better to check in with other team members early and often to make sure I was on the right track.

Finish the jobs: Once everything was good and running. It was time to speed up, and finish the jobs good and quick.

Visual comp of About page designed by Sapient.
VCE About Page - Part 2/4

Taking over WIP files:

As it happens from time to time in agency world, you may have to pick up some WIP works someone else was working on, but able to any more. The key of the process is to ask for as much files as possible to make sure you won’t miss anything that you are not aware of. Though, there must be a large protein of files being useless from what you received. But that’s ok, at least you are not losing anything.

Ask questions, ask a lot of questions at this point. Learn about the scope of the project. Ask who are the key contacts from client end, what are their roles and responsibilities. What is the daily, weekly and monthly meeting schedule? What clients would expect from those meetings? Where are we at regarding of timeline? Are we ahead or behind? What we’ve done so far? Ask them walk you through the most important design and ask question while listening. What is the design process we are going with? Which software we are using? How do we share files across team and with clients? The list goes on, and you should keep asking questions as long as you are still uncertain about what you should do?

Visual comp of About page designed by Sapient.
VCE About Page - Part 3/4

Get familiar with crucial working files:

Once you have all the files from your “ex” and got most of the questions answered, it’s time to start exploring the most important files to make sure you understand what you are going to work on. You may have more questions coming up in the process when reading through documents. Ask when you have one.

Sometimes, you may have a quiet loose schedule right after you taking over the work. Take the time, and learn as much as you, as deep as you can.

However, sometimes you don’t have that much time to sit down and read through piles of documentations and design files. if you are at this point, go to the most crucial ones, and start to work as soon as you can start to work. You will have more chance to learn, and learn fast when you start doing real works.

Visual comp of About page designed by Sapient.
VCE About Page - Part 4/4

Start creating design:

At this point, you should have been start working on new designs. Do as best as you can, and check in with team members often as early stage. They will help you correct the direction since they know better than you. Again, learn as you go. Very soon, you will be an expert.

Finish the jobs:

Since it was a redesign project, and on-going project. My job was to follow existing visual style and logic, represented existing content in a better way to improve usability and find-ability.


This project was my very first project ever done for real world client after I joined SapientNitro. The process of taking over from another UX designer, and jumping start quickly made me spark myself quick and bright.

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